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Company Overview

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We have established DG Capital Group to realize "Digital Grid" technology that operates and maintains power systems functionally with autonomous and interdependent devices distributed across a network, much like the Internet.
Our group's subsidiary companies develop hardware such as time-synchronized Grid Forming inverters (Digital Grid Routers: DGR), small and medium-sized lift-type vertical-axis wind turbines, and stationary brush DC motor generators to achieve a shift to renewable energy. We aim to simplify the operation of local distribution networks for municipalities, and assist in the process of enabling regional autonomy, funded by the revenues from electrical businesses.
Therefore, we are dedicated to the diligent pursuit of our company's growth and sincerely request your continued support and patronage.

DG Capital Group Co., Ltd
President & CEO
Rikiya Abe

In September 2011, the Digital Grid Consortium, a non-profit organization, was launched in Japan. It is represented by Dr. Rikiya Abe, the developer of the Digital Grid and former specially appointed professor at the University of Tokyo. In pursuit of an era where renewable energy becomes the main power source and realizing an energy society with zero marginal cost (a new power grid system), we have had the honor of establishing DG Capital Group in July 2020. DG Capital Group is a collective of companies that develop and manufacture devices to connect 100% renewable energy distribution networks to conventional systems. These companies include those developing and manufacturing digital generators and motors, batteries, wind turbines, those operating distribution networks, those expanding these technologies internationally, and retail electricity businesses. We are advancing regional revitalization projects based on a Rural Enterprise Model, where the electricity produced is sold on the Digital Grid Consortium's platform (DGP) through its members.
The Digital Grid is the "Internet of Energy". The Digital Grid Router (DGR) enables widespread adoption of renewable energy, while envisioning a world where energy consumption benefits all life on Earth, minimizing environmental damage. We aim to adopt this innovative digital grid solution on a global scale, contributing to the creation of a low-carbon society.
DG Capital Group aims to bring happiness to people through the power revolution.
Therefore, we are dedicated to the diligent pursuit of our company's growth and sincerely request your continued support and patronage.

DG Capital Group Co., Ltd
President & COO
Masaru Shinkai

Company Overview

Trade Name DG Capital Group Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Rikiya Abe (former specially appointed professor at the University of Tokyo)
President & COO
Masaru Shinkai (formerly with SoftBank Corp.)
Non-Executive Director
Takamasa Kawasaki (Certified Public Accountant)
Independent Non-Executive Director
Kenichiro Matsuki (Certified Public Accountant)
Independent Non-Executive Director
Mitsuhisa Ogawa (President of Y.S. FOOD CO., LTD.)
Independent Non-Executive Director
Yoonji Lee (President of CEEDA Co., LTD.)
Independent Non-Executive Director
Shigeki Suyama (Head of OE Solutions Japan)
Independent Non-Executive Director
Ko Tanaka (Takashima & Co., LTD.)
CSO, Executive Officer
Masaki Fujii (formerly with KYOCERA Corporation)
CFO, Executive Officer
Kentaro Azuma (formerly with The Sumitomo Bank/currently Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)
CGO, Executive Officer
Yusuke Watanabe (formerly with Tepco Power Grid, Inc.)
Technical Advisor
Shirabe Akita (Honorary Special Advisor of CRIEPI)
Takuma Kawazoe (Legal Affairs Specialist)
Date of Establishment July 1, 2020
Tokyo R&D Center

AE2-7-2 Distribution Bldg. A, Tokyo Ryutsu Center, 6-1-1 Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo,143-0006

Nagoya Head Office

Enishio Meieki 12F, 4-8-26, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 450-0002

Telephone Number Tokyo R&D Center
Nagoya Head Office
Business Category Digital Grid Tech-Related Fund
Management of Subsidiary Companies
Digital Grid Technology Development
Corporate Philosophy
-Internet of Energy –
Bringing everyone happy through the power revolution
Towards Building New Business Assets in Renewable Energy Power Supply
Subsidiary Companies
DG Power System Co., Ltd.
DG Motor Generator Co., Ltd.
DG Battery Co., Ltd.
DG Wind Co., Ltd.
DG Network Co., Ltd.
Mirainect Co., Ltd.
Erabuyuri Electric Power Co., Ltd. (Okinoerabu Island)

Licenses / Permits
Retail Electricity Supplier License A0788
Construction Business License, Aichi Prefecture (General-31) No. 109344
Joint Research
KYOCERA Corporation
Institute for Future Initiatives (The University of Tokyo)
National Project (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Community-Based Renewable Energy Promotion Project

OBAYASHI CORPORATION (Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi)

KYOCERA Corporation (China-cho/Wadomari-cho, Okinoerabu Island)
Aizu Electric Power Inc. (Kitakata-shi, Fukushima)
TODA CORPORATION (Miyako-shi, Iwate)
TODA CORPORATION (Kamaishi-shi, Iwate)
National Project (Ministry of the Environment)
Cross-Sectoral Carbon Neutral Technology Development and Demonstration Project for Regional Coexistence
Looop Inc. (Joint Development of Distributed Charge Boxes)
100 Carbon-Neutral Pioneer Districts (Ministry of the Environment)
Zero Carbon Island Okinoerabu
Okinoerabu Island (China-cho / Wadomari-cho)


Digital Grid Associated Business

  • General Incorporated Association Digital Grid Consortium

    The Digital Grid Consortium is a non-profit organization established in Japan in September 2011, aimed at developing technologies to support future power grids.

  • Digital Grid Corporation

    Founded in 2017, Digital Grid Corporation commercialized the Digital Grid Platform (DGP), developed as part of the "Development and Demonstration of Digital Grid Router (DGR) and Power Transaction Settlement System to Accelerate Renewable Energy Integration," a project adopted by the Ministry of the Environment in 2017.

  • WASSHA Inc.

    Co-founded in April 2013 by CEO Satoshi Akita and Dr. Rikiya Abe, specially appointed professor at the University of Tokyo, WASSHA Inc. selected Africa as its starting region for business operations. The company is expanding its "WASSHA" service – meaning 'to light a fire' in Swahili – a pay-as-you-go electricity service in Africa's unelectrified areas.

  • Mirainect Co., Ltd.

    As a Service Provider (SP) supporting the Digital Grid Platform (DGP), Mirai Connect Co., Ltd. commenced operations in March 2019. The company also manages the administrative office of the Digital Grid Consortium.

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