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Transitioning to Renewable Energy Dominance

Dr. Rikiya Abe, a former Professor of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, founded an NPO Digital Grid Consortium in September 2011 to bring his concept of “Digital Grid” to life. Soon after, he began developing Digital Grid Router (DGR) as an auxiliary synchronous generator for the future power grid.
We established DG Capital Group Co., Ltd. with the aim of making energy consumption profitable for everyone worldwide. As a result, we feel a strong sense of duty to promote the utilization of renewable energy through our innovative Digital Grid technology.
With the goal of establishing dominance in renewable energy, we constantly challenge ourselves to disseminate our innovative solutions. It would be our great pleasure to become a company that not only meets customer expectations but also delights people worldwide, while enabling all our employees to thrive.


  • Digital Grid Tech-Related Fund

    -Funding for Digital Grid technology
  • Management of Subsidiary Companies

    -DG Power System Co., Ltd.
    -DG Motor Generator Co., Ltd.
    -DG Wind Co., Ltd.
    -DG Battery Co., Ltd.
    -DG Network Co., Ltd.
    -Mirainect Co., Ltd.
    -Erabuyuri Electric Power Co., Ltd.
    (Okinoerabu Island)

  • Digital Grid Technology Development Initiative

    -Supporting Digital Grid standardization and demonstration
    -Supporting microgrid construction
    -Supporting overseas projects

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Office Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
(Weekdays, Japan Standard Time – JST)